A supernova, or the violent death of a star, happens in one of two ways: when a massive star runs out of fresh nuclear fuel and collapses on itself, or when matter piles up on an already dead star, making it unstable. Is your marketing strategy constantly changing & evolving to suit the needs of your target audience – still sticking to a single marketing strategy—losing your brand in the clutter go the same way? After all, innovating marketing strategies at a frantic pace to keep up with the times and be visible is the need of the hour.

But in this race of strategizing innovating & distinguishing content a lot of brands lose the core purpose of why they are creating content in the first place. Marketing today is all about creating a balance between deploying and leveraging the available variables at the right time. With years of experience in Digital Marketing & Communication we would like to discuss some of the errors that can be easily sidestepped with a bit of careful planning.

1.Mismanaged expensive content

I am sure nothing is more off-putting than unreliable information. Generating expensive content is not the only step towards success of your marketing strategy; rather it is only the first step. A careful and dedicated content management with a central hub for creating, deploying and responding to content strategy would lead to guaranteed success.

Remember, mismanaged content always gets lost in the clutter without having reached its intended audience.

2. Stuck on one-track approach

With the constantly spilling over marketing world with multitude of marketing platforms, sticking to a single channel of communication can be a costly mistake at times leading to brand suicide. With customer today being spread across platforms and devices, it is important for a brand to know when, where and how to target them effectively and in a manner that generates results.

3. Don’t know how to track results

This is one common mistake carried out by several companies, whose marketing campaigns is not necessarily failing, but lack set of KPIs to track results. Defining KPIs is one of the vital step before beginning any marketing campaign. For example, If your focus is on content marketing then the number of impressions is crucial to know to determine success. If you are using any of the online ad placement platforms (like Google Adwords etc.) to promote your business then the amount of paid traffic you obtain is necessary to know if those ads are paying off in the end.

4. Mis-utilized data

In today’s world of digital marketing where marketers are fueled with data, it is shocking to know that very few are actually leveraging the power of their databases. Most of the times we will get databases with incomplete, outdated or simply irrelevant customer information which affects the lead nurturing process for the company.

 Word of caution:

What happened in 2018 is good, but 2019 is not going to be like the 2000 tech bubble. Now the time is different. Now the time is around where zillions of handheld devices on 5G connection are stared upon by countrymen over 300 times a day waiting for some new interesting piece of information. The issue today is not about the demand; it is about the brand ready to take up the challenge to serve these audiences. Now it’s time to revamp the marketing strategy incorporating multitude of marketing platforms and hampering right communication message at the right time to the relevant target audience.